Ready for prep

Our centre actively gains feedback in relation to the local school requirements for a seamless transition to prep. Our kindy rooms are lead by early childhood teachers and we have interactive whiteboards to help the children engage with the basic concepts of numeracy and literacy. We look at the whole child and work out their areas of need like self help, conflict, concentration and fine/gross motor. The programs are then tailored to help the child develop in these areas.

We work with the families and ALWAYS maintain open lines of communication. Parent teacher meetings are available any time that is convenient to both parties.

Children develop in leaps and bounds throughout their kindy year and you can help them by:

  • Reading to and with them daily
  • Talk constantly with and to them; engage them with vibrant language
  • Set clear and consistent boundaries
  • Encourage self-help; putting on own clothes, toileting, looking after belongings etc.
  • Encourage them to feed themselves independently
  • Ensure they have breakfast and a solid nights sleep
  • Offer opportunities to colour/draw/paint/run/climb etc frequently
  • If you are concerned about their eye sight/hearing or anything else, pursue this concern with the appropriate medical agencies