Our centre philosophy

At Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre, we encourage children, families and educators to pursue learning together in an engaging and nurturing environment supported by dedicated and caring professionals. 


Taigum Child Edu-care centre believes children are confident, competent and resourceful learners who are capable of constructing their own knowledge of the world around them.

Educators are committed to developing relationships with individual children that are focused on being responsive and respectful and promote children’s sense of security and belonging.

We view children as growing participants in our society, whose social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development is crucial to their future; where we ensure our staff members use dynamic and evolving learning strategies to best meet these needs

Positive guidance strategies are developed that demonstrate respect and understanding of individual children. We strive to recognise and understand why each child may behave in a certain way or why behaviour may occur in particular circumstances or at specific times of the day. 


We believe open, honest communication between families and Educators forms a strong link between the educational setting and home, where family involvement is encouraged and embraced. We recognise the importance of communication and collaboration between families, children and educators. We develop meaningful relationships with families and children that are respectful and promote their identity and sense of belonging.                  

We build on our cultural competence by reinforcing our empathy, diversity and social justice through recognising the importance culture plays within families, children and educators.

The wellbeing of families extends to the wider community as we acknowledge the diversity of the families including all cultures and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

We also extend partnerships to the wider community including professionals and resources to strengthen the connections between our family community and Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre.

Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre fosters a positive organisational culture that values openness and trust, where staff and families are motivated to ask questions, debate issues and contribute to each other’s ongoing learning and inquiry.

A regular ongoing cycle of planning and review, which includes consultation with families ensures we develop an ongoing Quality improvement plan that also meets the needs of our community. 


All participants of Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre are committed to the promotion of every individual’s health and safety. The centre will uphold the highest quality health and hygiene and safety practice.

Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre aims to create environments both inside and outside that are natural, inviting, inclusive and rich in possibilities. We strive to create an environment that reflects the participants. Environments are set up using a variety of media to empower children to make choices, promote relationships and imagination through play.

We believe that the physical environment affects the behaviour and development of the people, both children and adults who live and work in it. We add to the environment in ways that enrich children’s experiences and invite participation in creating exciting spaces for children that include cultural diversity, indigenous education and sustainable practices.

Educators facilitate learning and respect for the environment by giving careful consideration to children’s environments indoors and outdoors. We have a commitment to sustainability and conservation as well to the natural environment


Ongoing educator development and training is fostered to ensure that educators are kept up to date with the changing regulations, standards and industry trends required to provide a high level of care and education. All employed at Taigum abide by the code of ethics of the centre.  The staff at Taigum Educare will work together as a team to ensure quality outcomes for children and deliver the highest quality of care and education.

Taigum values and embraces the diversity amongst the staff team.

Management are committed to ensuring that adequate training and professional development is provided to ensure all our Educational professionals are able to continue to grow and learn and adjust our teaching practices to meet the necessary changes within the Early Childhood Sector.

Ongoing reflection and evaluation of teaching strategies, curriculum and policies and procedures is essential for us to exceed the necessary standards for children, families’, community and governing bodies.  


Our predominantly play based curriculum reflects our commitment to the Early Years Learning Framework and for the Kindergarten rooms also the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines

Our Educators support and value play based experiences and undertake both spontaneous and planned opportunities for children to be active learners and efficient communicators.

Play based learning is enhanced through scaffolding the children’s learning by supporting and extending on children knowledge and skills via spontaneous and intentional teaching.

At Taigum, all Educators are committed to ensuring that there are ongoing reflective practices as well as assessments of learning within all areas of the curriculum.

Taigum Child Edu-care Centre is a place of life-long learning, diversity, and inclusivity. We commit to ensuring everyone who enters our centre feels welcomed and confident in how we will help to shape their children’s lives. We want all our families to know and feel that we aren’t just a Child Care centre – we are a community, where our focus is your family.