Jo  – Lead Educator Diploma of Children's Services

Jo – Lead Educator
Diploma of Children's Services

Welcome to Nursery A

Here in Nursery A we provide a loving and safe environment for your children, making sure they feel comfortable and supported whilst in our care.  We implement a play orientated, child centred, and flexible routine.

To make sure all of the children’s developmental needs are being met we document their learning in their own learning journey books for all families to see at any time.  We also provide the children with stimulating areas of play every day both indoors and outdoors.

We follow your home routine to help your child and yourself feel comfortable and relaxed in their new environment.  There is always someone sleeping, eating and playing which makes for a very busy and fun environment to be in and explore.

You are welcome to come and spend as much time with us as you would like to help with the transition process and to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed when it comes to your child’s first day.

Seeing a smile on your children’s faces makes our day.  It shows to us and you that they are enjoying their time with us.  We love it when they are excited to see us in the mornings and are just as excited to see their reactions to you in the afternoon at pick up time.

Ella & Jo