Learn through play

The play children do at child care is a lot of fun but behind that play is a well-thought out, balanced  program that our caregivers have planned down to the last minute of every day.

Of course the children don’t know that… they just think it’s lots of fun.

But it’s important that you know that our approach considers every aspect of your child – their physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs – we have one focus and that is your child’s development.

Children develop naturally and they don’t need pressure from anyone to do so. Our role is merely to enhance, encourage and nurture your child’s development by listening to them and observing them. That way, we can make sure we’re providing the right “match” of materials and experiences to fit in with your child’s needs, interests and behaviours.

Our qualified staff know the best way for children to learn is through everyday experiences and real-life jobs that are relevant and meaningful to them. So, while we offer developmentally appropriate programs, they allow for everyday spontaneous encounters and challenges around planned activities.

For children over three and the Kindy’s, we provide a little more structure, supervision and enhancement because that’s what they need.

We believe learning is best achieved through good caring – providing a secure, loving, responsive, happy and rich environment. That’s what you and your family will find at Taigum Child Edu-Care Centre.

We email our daily programs to the centre families, who can be involved in their child’s program as little or as much as they like.