The gift of giving

The most valuable gifts are the ones that give directly back to the community.  Here at Taigum, we firmly believe that teaching children to give back to their community will boost their self-esteem, develop the skill to share and learn compassion and empathy.  We develop an understanding that assisting others during times of need becomes a way of life.

Throughout the year, we participate in many wonderful charitable events, such as

  • Kids Cancer Project
  • Kmart wishing Tree
  • The Holy Spirit Nursing home   

Our most recent charitable event became so much closer to our hearts.  An existing family of ours became in need.  Having two precious sons, Finn and Rory, born prematurely.  Their fight for life led to our Centre to join forces and support our Family through any parent’s most challenging time.

Our focus is “family” and in times of need, family come together and fight the battle together.

A “baker’s store” was organised, named by our staff member Caitlin, “Big hearts for little men”.  Preparation and planning were underway.  Kindergarten and Pre-kindergarten began to create signage, putting their writing skills to use. 

Administration advertised this event sending it out to hundreds of our family members, via email and on our Centre Facebook Page.  Each of our staff members became involved including the children as they discussed what they were going to sell at the grand opening of the baker’s store.

I joined Kindergarten through their planning stages, as we gathered, huddled around a low levelled table, becoming deep in conversation.

Questioning the children, I asked “Why are we making these beautiful coloured signs?”  A child confidently voiced “For the cake sale”, further questioning “Why are we having a cake sale”, a few children shouted out “To sell for the babies”


This led to further discussion about the spirit of giving and how selling our items at the store, will help Baby Finn and Baby Rory.  We discussed how much we would sell our items for, this was an interesting debate.  We discussed how the money made would help Baby Finn and Baby Rory’s mummy and daddy as they care for their new babies.

Our grand opening, children took turns to work in the baker’s store.  Exchanging goods for money and learning the sense of value. Effective marketing skills were developed and customer relations as the children drew in the crowd promoting our goods for sale.

A total of $420 was raised in 3 hours, with further donations from our beautiful families. 

This was a wonderful art of giving and offering some wonderful teaching moments.

Written by:

Susan Cooper, Educational Leader


PH: 3865 7322

Posted on February 24, 2016 .