Ageless friendships formed

We at Taigum Child Educare Centre are fortunate to have built a relationship with a Nursing Home in our community, promoting connections between generations.

Residents from the nursing home frequently visit our centre and spend time with the children. 

We strive to teach children about real life situations and allow the children to connect with real life experiences. 

Kindergarten children are able to apply skills that they have developed in class, and practice these in a situation outside their comfort zone; such as storytelling, compassion and respect. 

Children are seen to bring over storybooks, toys and their drawings to show off, with the residents expressing such enthusiasm and interest.

Our Kindergarten students have responded exceptionally well to the addition to our program, referring to the residents as grandma, grandpa or nana and papa. 

Children are able to learn about difference and ageing in a supportive environment.

We are able to sit back and observe children learning and growing, as well as observing our elders grow and learn.  This is a beautiful moment shared.

Some of the residents are suffering from dementia, some have lost their loved ones and some have lost their sight. 

Many have lost their short term memory but they can recall long term. When the children sing some of their favourite nursery rhymes, residents will sing along with them.

Connecting the two generations, brings a sense of joy and a real sense of purpose.   

Elderly crave the attention and interest of young children and children can gain life experience of the elder, enriching the learning for the young.

The residents frequently visit our centre and have scheduled visits for the year.  We have been fortunate to have some of the same resident’s visit last year, which has allowed the children to begin to form a special connection with them.  It is always an exciting time setting up for their visit and awaiting eagerly for their arrival.

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten Students

Written by:  Susan Cooper - Educational Leader

Posted on February 16, 2016 .